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Casual Salsa Group Classes

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Bronze Latin & Ballroom Classes Levels 1 – 4

The Bronze Program – Complete Dance Training and Accreditation Program

The Accreditation Program is a graded system of the core Latin, Ballroom, Nightclub and Swing dance patterns, danced worldwide. It comprises three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.   At Firefly Dance Club, we teach Bronze Latin & Ballroom through private lessons, a series of drop in classes at progressively more advanced levels (1 -4), and a supporting drop in class – the Dance Skills class.

The Bronze Program, despite sounding somewhat serious, is really just a progression in learning to dance. Our experienced teachers will make sure learning will continue to be great fun and that you learn how to dance, not just dance steps. Your teacher will invite you to join the program when you are ready. Firefly’s  Get on the Floor Program is the the level which precedes the Bronze Program.

Why should I join the Bronze program?


  • Your Firefly teacher recognizes that you have reached a benchmark level in your dancing and invites you onto the program.
  • You are feeling that dancing has become an important activity in your life and, as with any hobby or activity, you want to know how well you are going and carry it out to your best ability.
  • You wish to challenge yourself to achieve increasingly more advanced levels in your dancing.

Essential aspects of this program include technique, dance skills, musicality, partnership, and leading or following.  All the things that make you look and feel like a dancer.  You will be able to impress any partner of whatever level and have them feeling comfortable on the dance floor.

The dance patterns are grouped into levels, which progressively become more advanced. At each level, really useful variations are offered, which give you a way to vary your practice of essential patterns. Variations will also increase your skill in dancing in a variety of social situations, with a range of partners. Our aim is to help you be the very best dancer you can be.

The drop in classes are ongoing and rotate through all the core dance styles. At Bronze Level 1 & Level 2, each week in rotation, you will concentrate on two of the core dance styles (Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Tango & ChaCha). At Bronze Level 3 & Level 4 you will focus in depth on one of these styles each week. These classes run every week at the times listed on the Casual Group Class Timetable.

The inclusion of variations means that you still learn new material even if you prefer to stay at a particular level to consolidate your learning. You can progress to the next level class when you have successfully completed the required assessment. Speak to your teacher for more details.

How do I join and then progress from one level to the next?

This is a structured program, each level building on the one before and needing to be attended in sequence. To join the program you will need to attend an assessment, organised by your teacher who will then advise your readiness to begin the Bronze program. Between each level there will be further reviews and assessments to ensure you are ready to move to the next level.

If you have danced elsewhere, please ask for a complimentary assessment to determine your level within Firefly Dance Club’s program. Remember, as these classes are drop in, there is no need to book. But it is important that you attend classes in each dance style as all styles will be assessed in determining progression at the assessments as outlined above.

Prices for Drop in classes are:

  • Single class – $20
  • 4 class pass (valid 6 weeks) – $70
  • 8 class pass (valid 10 weeks) – $120

Drop in classes at your level or below are included in Firefly Dance Club Full Membership.

For more information, please call Firefly on 1300 725 977 or talk to you Firefly teacher.

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